Dylan at Abiqua Falls

Dylan Nunn

I’ve been shooting for a little over 9 years now. My artistic talent developed at a young age, when my mom enrolled me in art school. I practiced drawing for hours at a time- I continued to do this for a few years. I could draw fairly well, but I didn't love it, so I quit going. Early on in high school I took a photography class. That was the first time I ever put my hands on a professional camera. Immediately, I fell in love. I took yearbook and photography classes throughout high school just to access the equipment and learn even more. My senior year I took Advanced Placement Photography. Since then, my business partner Matt and I have come a long way. We have built a portfolio, made our clients happy, and constantly improved our skills. This is our passion.  Let’s grab a cup of coffee, and talk about your wedding photography needs.


Abstract Image Matt photo-shopped of himself.

Matt Murray

Born in Portland and raised in Vancouver. I've always been the creative type but growing up never thought photography would be my dream job. The summer after my eighth grade year I went on a camping trip with my dad and brother to Gold Beach Oregon, I was running around with this little point and shoot camcorder and I remember just being fascinated. I came back and uploaded the pictures on my computer and from then on I was in love. I've been doing photography ever since. I have been hired by Clark College and Union high school commercially; both located in Vancouver, WA. I'm glad to know that this will be both my passion and my career for the rest of my life.